Today was Ben’s birthday!  I gave him his presents this morning. I’ve been waiting for forever to give them to him and I think he was pretty pleased so I’m a happy bunny.  We watched Toy Story 3 this morning as well. I’d forgotten how much I love that film We headed out to a local cafe for some lunch which was nice. I had a cheese and ham toastie and some chips.  This afternoon, some of Ben’s grandparents came over for a quick drink and to wish him a happy birthday, after which we headed out to Prezzo for a birthday meal before returning home for an evening watching Happy Valley – just finished series 2, so glad I was introduced to this series and had time to finish it before the end of my week in Aylesbury. Looking forward to tomorrow and everything it has in store. instagram | twitter | goodreads



 Ben and I took a trip into Milton Keynes today to do a bit of shopping. Our little haul consisted of five new Disney films, several new notebooks and a couple of new pens from Waterstones and Paperchase and a stuffed toy Lotso from Toy Story 3. We stopped for lunch at Pret, and I had a delicious chipotle chicken toastie, chocolate mousse and a mango/passion fruit smoothie.  This evening, we spent a long time making lists. Things we want to do together, watch together, see together. It’s all very exciting. We’ve also now started series 2 of Happy Valley which we’re going to have finished by the end of the week.
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 Today was a super chilled day from start to finish.  We headed out for breakfast at a local pub called The Plough, which was absolutely delicious. During the afternoon, Ben’s grandparents came to visit which was lovely. In the evening, we order a Pizza Hut and watched the remaining four episodes of the first series of Happy Valley, one of the most gripping shows I’ve ever watched.  instagram | twitter | goodreads


Today was pretty good from start to finish. An Easter egg hunt this morning with Ben’s family was super cute, followed by a church service and some family game time. Ben and I managed to win a Disney Trivia game! Beautiful roast lunch cooked by Ben’s mum and then more games!  Spent the evening sitting on the sofa, watching Happy Valley and drinking Bailey’s while eating Easter egg.  Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day.  instagram | twitter | goodreads


Waking up this morning in Canterbury was wonderful, even though the weather wasn’t exactly as ideal as it was yesterday. After a quick shower and some doughnuts for breakfast, Ben and I set off on an approximately two hour journey to Aylesbury, somewhere completely new to me but Ben’s hometown. After a short stop at the services for a Costa lunch and to stock up on chocolate, we were back on the road, and it wasn’t too long before we arrived here in Aylesbury. The majority of the afternoon was spent lounging on the sofa. Ben’s mum made a beautiful lasagne for dinner and we ended the evening with a glass of wine. What could be better?Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has in store. instagram | twitter | goodreads


Today began with the knowledge that within just a matter of hours I would be back in the arms of my best friend and better half, Ben. Needless to say I woke up feeling rather chipper.  Following a very long bath and a bit of frantic tidying, my aunty and uncle arrived at my house to drop round some Easter goodies. After a cup of tea and a catch up they left, and my parents and I decided to go for a walk after lunch.  The walk wasn’t exactly picturesque, but it was nice to get out of the house and into the sunshine for an afternoon stroll. The weather was beautiful today and got me seriously in the mood for summer. I’m very excited for barbecues and cocktails this year.  At approximately quarter to five, Ben arrived in Ashford having spent all day travelling down from Aylesbury. I picked him up from the station and we headed back to mine to grab my suitcase and bags. Within half an hour we were back in my car, enroute to Canterbury for the night, listening to this weeks charts.  Arriving in Canterbury was a great feeling. Canterbury has become my home from home recently, as I seem to spend increasingly more and more time here. It’s one of my favourite places at the moment. Being here makes me so happy, particularly when I’m with Ben.  We cooked up some pasta for dinner and spent the remainder of the evening chilling and catching up. It’s insane how much I’ve missed him, even though we’ve only been apart for a matter of days. I’m so glad I get to spend the next week with him.  It was, all in all, the perfect beginning to my week off.  instagram | twitter | goodreads